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Device. Civilization. Space. Conspiracies. Society. Player. Universe. Universe 2088. THE TRILITHONIAN SEARCH FOR ET. 2088. With a lead adventurer, Rick Landsbury, this title has something for every gamer. Follow the crew on their quest to find the home of the Ancients, or the hidden civilizations that populate the solar system of Trilithon. Perhaps you want to encounter all the main factions with their own events and hidden histories, or discover the secrets of the one true God or the three entities that rule the galaxy. It's up to you. Nothing to lose by trying, everything to gain. The First Contact scenario takes the campaign to a new level. With three dramatic endings, it keeps the adventure going while allowing the players to choose their fates. This book offers an adventure that is as much about history as about the future. The timeline of the Trilithon Universe is created from the history of the Milky Way galaxy. Players can work towards a victory condition that adds new technologies and facilities to the map of Trilithon. Only by stopping alien invasion can humanity preserve the legacy of the Ancients. Those who make history are the true heroes of this book. Build the world of the Trilithon Universe with your own maps and scenery. Choose from a range of alien species and artifacts. But be careful to plan for the consequences of your decisions. 40,000 years ago, a scientific team led by Colonel Rick Landsbury started to monitor the 'big blue ball' of our galaxy. This process has led to a unique opportunity: to go back in time and make contact with the intelligent life of Trilithon, an ancient civilization that has just begun to enter the galaxy. The expedition is a real expedition, and the players are an artifact hunting group, the Earth-Federation Survey Team. This project is described in great detail in the scenario module, plus there are twelve scenarios for the players to play. DIP-ASO. The game assumes four player characters, and a number of 1D20, Time Points, and Resource Points. The game involves six 2D4 scenario sub-modules, two species, 24 alien artifacts, 10 alien species, 20 unique resources, 12 unique buildings, and 50 Pts. This book is like a time machine that takes your party back to Trilithon, to a civilization that seems to have disappeared. In the very far future, there was a power




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